Australian Museum

Established in 1827, the Australian Museum (AM) is Australia’s first museum and has been at the forefront of scientific research, collection and education for more than 185 years. Through exhibitions and other public programs the AM continues to inform and amaze generations of visitors about the unique flora, fauna and cultures of Australia and the Pacific. 

The Australian Museum offers permanent galleries including the popular Dinosaurs exhibit, temporary and touring exhibitions; and has a collection of more than 18 million objects spanning culture and natural history. The AM also undertakes innovative scientific research through the Australian Museum Research Institute (AMRI). Wild Planet is the newest permanent exhibition featuring 400 amazing and diverse animals on this planet. In this exhibition, you will learn about the importance of biodiversity and discover when, where and how different species are connected to one another in the Tree of Life. Experience the stories of Indigenous Australians in their own words, or discover Australia's strange and notorious animals. With its combination of the latest technology, ongoing research and impressive collections, the AM always surprises. Location – 1.4km from the hotel 

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